Sasko Kostov


Sasko Kostov is a producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist (Veles, Macedonia) who constantly presents a culmination of his inspiration through music closely related to his influences and origins.

From the very first listening, the complexity of his compositions reaches out to his audience and leaves them anything but indifferent.

Working on the music scene since 1995, Sasko Kostov has seen his rise in the period of the so-called new Macedonian wave of fresh producers who have definitely given a new and relevant form to the
Macedonian pop sound. He pays close attention to details of the jazz-inspired composition, krautrock, pop music, and alternative rock.

Although he creates intriguing music, he also manages to stay true to his own creative aspirations.

Dedicated to his art and eclectic ideas, this artist knows how to use poetic lyrics to enhance his musical tones and rhythms. The vocals are his most powerful weapon.


Зоран Димитриевски


Драган Трајковски


Владимир Христов

Продукциски Менаџер

Zoran Dimitrievski


Vladimir Hristov


Владимир Христов

Production Manager