WIRE Entertainment

Founded in April 2011 by Vladimir Hristov as Club Wire company was first a music venue accommodating a range of top musical artists and DJs (Øresund Space Collective (Denmark), The Samuel Jackson Five (Norway), State of Mind (New Zealand), Soviet Soviet (Italia), etc.). Trough 2014 and 2015 the club was organizing a short film festival (Future Shorts) and various theatrical performances which eventually resulted in joining Dragan Trajkovski and Zoran Dimitrievski in January 2016 merging Club Wire into Cyber Punk Association for Support and Development of Art.

In the period between 2016 and 2017, Cyber Punk was mainly focused on organizing events in contemporary arts. During this period 12 art exhibitions were organized of award-winning young Macedonian artists. Musical concerts were also organized, one of the most important being Damo Suzuki, former lead singer of the German krautrock group Can.

After а short break, in May 2020 the Cyber Punk was reorganized in Wire Entertainment LLC starting new service Music Production & Publishing presenting the first two editions, in world of Neo Folk music AVELINA (Kumanovo, Macedonia) and electronic music ALEX PLANT (London, UK).

Vladimir Hristov


Wire Entertainment is a Macedonian independent music label and music production and publishing company based in Kumanovo.

We connect music to the listener and delivers an audience to the artist. Our unique company offers its clients almost every conceivable service available in the business of music. In addition to the regular label services, we can also offer promotions and bookings.

Through our collaborations, we are connected to a vast network of music industry specialists.

Our work may include all parts of the music production process, everything from composing, arranging, writing lyrics, recording, mixing and mastering, to creating marketing material such as promo photos and videos, posters, merch, websites, music and live concert videos, as well as guidance and aid on how to establish social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and plan a release for an album, single or EP.

We also offer selected artists and bands management, booking, and promotion packages in order to create opportunities for touring and getting live shows via our own or external promoters and booking agents.

We believe in the cross-pollination of different music styles, and how it can enrich our experience as listeners as well as performers, therefore our ambition is to represent, produce, promote and release music within any genre, as long as it is performed by a band or an artist with a strong artistic profile. Our artists can choose to release their music on CD, vinyl and digitally, or any combination of those format.

Our team knows the value of long-term strategic planning and puts the artist in the creative driver’s seat.


Wire Entertainment is a company born to enhance each form of art in order to raise public awareness and to introduce people to art. Wire Entertainment has also the purpose of promoting contemporary art and support emerging artists creating cultural events and a growing network of opportunities, relationships, and communication among artists, art lovers, cultural professionals.

Wire Entertainment is addressed to different targets, offering opportunities and possibilities for new collaborations in order to spread beauty and love for art, but above all concrete occasions for growth and development of new projects.

Our ambition is to represent and promote various contemporary artists mainly dedicated to the visual arts, in particular painting, sculpture, photography, video art and performance, virtual and digital art. It aims to promote and support the artists and their careers by offering a range of opportunities.

Dragan Trajkovski

Zoran Dimitrievski